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The 'Inspiring the Inspirers' Project

The 'Inspiring the Inspirers' Project is a personal project for me, to examine how inspiration is used and generated by people in all walks of life. I am working with some amazing people to design and produce an inspirational design that is personal to them, their life story and their experience.

To me, everyone has the potential to be inspirational - one of the most common responses I've received when asking people to collaborate on this project is 'I didn't see myself as being inspirational'. Sometimes it takes another person to see it, and hopefully we can go one step further and celebrate it too. In producing and sharing these designs, I want to help them to inspire more people to greater things in their life.

Hello Inspiration inspires them. They inspire everyone else.


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Rachel: Coach
Coaching is all about motivating others, but what role does inspiration play in the life of a coach, and how do coaches stay motivated?
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