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Inspiring the Inspirers – Artwork Design for Steve Brennan

12th September 2014


Welcome to the third instalment of the Inspiring the Inspirers project – a visual design project that examines the nature of inspiration, and how it affects different people in their daily lives.

I have been working with Steve Brennan on a unique design for the last few months. Steve runs Bespoke | Web Specialists, a web agency in Preston in the north-west of England. The agency started 13 years ago and Steve has now grown it to an established company with 13 full-time permanent staff. The company was a finalist for Creative Business of the Year at the 2014 BIBAs (Be Inspired Business Awards). He is truly an entrepreneur at heart, having run businesses from the school playground before the internet was even a twinkle in a modem’s eye.

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Comfort is Quicksand

26th July 2014

'Comfort is Quicksand' quote over picture of feet walking up stairs

Being comfortable is good, right? Comfortable is nice and easy and safe. You have nothing to worry about and nobody to fight against. Everybody loves to be comfortable.

Comfortable is what we’re all striving for.

Or is it?

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Honesty Is Nothing To Be Afraid Of

19th June 2014

Man staring out of a panoramic window with 'Honesty is nothing to be afraid of' quote

“Honesty is nothing to be afraid of”.

Why are you so afraid to be honest? Why do you hide behind a facade, terrified to let anyone see the real you?

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Don’t Bring Me Problems

20th March 2014


A twist on the old phrase – don’t bring me problems, bring me solutions. But we think Mojitos are far better than solutions anyway!

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