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Belief Is The Difference

17th November 2014

‘Belief is the Difference’ – Believing in yourself, believing in your cause, believing in your dreams, and having someone else believe in you. It makes all the difference.

Hello Inspiration at Darby’s Coffee and Arts Lounge

2nd October 2014

VERY pleased to announce that Hello Inspiration’s first venture into the real world will be happening in the next few days (or even the next few hours!).

Darbys Coffee and Arts Lounge

We are going to be showcasing some lovely greetings cards and mounted inspirational prints at Darby’s Coffee and Arts Lounge in Urmston, Manchester. Now it’s just a matter of managing the logistics of delivering all this good stuff and getting it all set up!

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‘Life Lessons’ Inspirational Artwork for Kids

22nd September 2014

With Christmas approaching (eek!), I have been starting to think about gifts that will go above and beyond the usual plastic toys and cutesy clothes that we all normally get for the children in our lives. I have been thinking about how maybe inspiration doesn’t have to be an adults-only thing – why not start to try and inspire children too?


With that in mind, I set my brain working on a new collection of inspirational artwork designed especially for kids. I wanted to produce a some designs which would suit being displayed on a child’s bedroom wall, and would give the kids a set of guiding principles to consider as they grow up – some ‘Life Lessons’.

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Inspiring the Inspirers – Artwork Design for Steve Brennan

12th September 2014


Welcome to the third instalment of the Inspiring the Inspirers project – a visual design project that examines the nature of inspiration, and how it affects different people in their daily lives.

I have been working with Steve Brennan on a unique design for the last few months. Steve runs Bespoke | Web Specialists, a web agency in Preston in the north-west of England. The agency started 13 years ago and Steve has now grown it to an established company with 13 full-time permanent staff. The company was a finalist for Creative Business of the Year at the 2014 BIBAs (Be Inspired Business Awards). He is truly an entrepreneur at heart, having run businesses from the school playground before the internet was even a twinkle in a modem’s eye.

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Kids Name Artwork for Children’s Bedrooms

5th September 2014

I have been working away over the last few days on a set of Hello Inspiration designs that are specifically for kids. Where better to start inspiring people than when they are young, right? I have some draft concepts almost ready which give a simple set of life-lessons that could apply to any child (and in a lot of cases, any adult too!). I will be sharing these designs very soon.

In the meantime, I’ve also produced a simple set of kids name artwork, perfect for displaying in your child’s bedroom. Each piece will be personalised with your child’s name (obviously!) – some examples below. I would love to know what you think about them – please let me know of Twitter, Facebook, or drop me an email. Here they are…

Amelia - Kids Name Artwork in frame

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