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Inspiring the Inspirers – Artwork Design for Marie Betty Davis

28th August 2014

inspiring-the-inspirers-marie-betty-davisThis instalment of the ‘Inspiring the Inspirers‘ project is focussing on Marie Betty Davis, a fellow resident of my home town, though we had never crossed paths until this project. I came across Marie through her blog – and it was her inspirational writing which really made me want to collaborate with her.

Here was a person who was willing to write so openly and honestly about challenges in her life, and how she has overcome them, that I felt sure we would be able to come up with an amazing design.

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New Greetings Card Designs Just Landed!

21st August 2014

Hello Inspiration is truly pleased, honoured and humbled to let you know that some brand new greetings card designs have just landed!


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Curiosity Killed The Cat, Not the Human

12th June 2014

A railway track disappears into the mist with 'Curiosity kills the cat (you're a human, you should be OK)' quote

“Curiosity killed the cat (you’re a human, so you’re probably safe).”

Curiosity may have killed the cat (I can’t confirm or deny), but I find it interesting that so many people use the experience of that solitary feline to limit their behaviour.

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“Push” – Inspirational Greetings Card

12th June 2014

Bright coloured blurred lights with 'Push' quote

One word that says it all – Push.

Move yourself forward, achieve greatness and do it all with this image staring you in the face. It is almost impossible to fail with this level of motivation coursing through your veins.

This is one of the very first designs I produced for Hello Inspiration, and remains one of my all-time favourites. The message is so simple, the image behind it is so bright and colourful, it all combines for a very powerful motivational message.

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Depp Pop-Up-Shop – Featuring Hello Inspiration Cards!

3rd June 2014


Art by Ellie Depp is hosting a 3 day Pop Up Shop at the Showroom Workstation in Sheffield City Centre. This event will take place on the 18/19/20th June (Weds, Thurs and Fri) @ The Showroom Workstation, 15 Paternoster Rd, Sheffield City Centre S1 2BX (Next to The Showroom Cinema)

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