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It’s World Smile Day – Smile Please!

3rd October 2014

Smile Please

7 Tips to Improve Your Mobile Phone Battery Life

22nd August 2014

Here are my top seven tips to improve your mobile phone battery life. As you might expect from Hello Inspiration, this isn’t really a tech-savvy a list of advice that will help your mobile phone battery last longer. Rather, it is some simple advice on how to make better use your phone ‘as part of a healthy lifestyle’.

Happy Phone. Happy Life.

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Because It’s Hard

7th August 2014

Winding road with quote 'Because It's Hard'

Every morning I walk up a steep hill in Manchester called Jutland Street. I mean really steep. The road is maybe only 60-70 yards long but it must gain a good 20 yards in height. We’re talking San Francisco steep here.

It has a YouTube video, for goodness sake

Every morning, almost without fail, there are people doing sprints up and down that hill. Sometimes it is a super-fit guy who looks like he is training for a middleweight boxing match, but most of the time it is average-looking people huffing and puffing their way up that insane cobbled incline. The kind of people that head off to average-looking offices dressed in average-looking suits after they’re finished.

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Inspirational Nose of the Day

4th August 2014

A man from Warwickshire, UK has just completed pushing a Brussels sprout up Mt Snowdon (the highest mountain in Wales at 3,560 ft) using his nose, to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support.


Whether you choose to take inspiration from this insane feat, or just dismiss it as a ridiculous stunt, is up to you I guess.

For me, the commitment and dedication required is beyond question. The method may be considered dubious, but if he’d just been standing on a street corner shaking a tin, I suspect he wouldn’t have received the same level of national news coverage. Hopefully that coverage will have heped his fundraised efforts somewhat.

You have to suspect that there is a deeply moving and emotional story behind his choice of charity, and when you think of it in those terms, this is an admirable feat.

Well done, you crazy man.



‘Inspiring the Inspirers’ Update

23rd July 2014

Hot air balloon being launched with caption 'Inspiring the Inspirers'

It has been a very busy week on the ‘Inspiring the Inspirers‘ project…

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