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There Is Absolutely Nothing Stopping You – Scary Huh?

23rd September 2014

'There Is Absolutely Nothing Stopping You - Scary Huh?' inspirational artwork

We like to kid ourselves sometimes that we can’t do action X because of reason Y…

‘I can’t go for the promotion because I’ve never done that job before’

‘I can’t learn a new language because I don’t have the time’

‘I can’t get into a relationship because I don’t like the dating scene’

‘I can’t do action X because of reason Y’

Now ‘reason Y’ may be very convincing (or it may not) but we need to be careful that we’re not just a tiny-weeny little bit glad it exists.

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Because It’s Hard

7th August 2014

Winding road with quote 'Because It's Hard'

Every morning I walk up a steep hill in Manchester called Jutland Street. I mean really steep. The road is maybe only 60-70 yards long but it must gain a good 20 yards in height. We’re talking San Francisco steep here.

It has a YouTube video, for goodness sake

Every morning, almost without fail, there are people doing sprints up and down that hill. Sometimes it is a super-fit guy who looks like he is training for a middleweight boxing match, but most of the time it is average-looking people huffing and puffing their way up that insane cobbled incline. The kind of people that head off to average-looking offices dressed in average-looking suits after they’re finished.

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Fear, Meet Perspective

1st August 2014

'Fear, Meet Perspective' quote over picture of the Earth from space

What are you really afraid of?

Take a step back. Still scary?

OK, take another step back. And another. And another.

Is it in perspective yet?

If we step back far enough, we usually see that the thing we’re scared of really isn’t that bad in the grand scheme of our life (or the universe). If we can maintain a sense of perspective, we can keep our stress levels down. And hey presto, lower stress levels mean we have a better chance of dealing with the problem in a calm rational manner anyway.

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Comfort is Quicksand

26th July 2014

'Comfort is Quicksand' quote over picture of feet walking up stairs

Being comfortable is good, right? Comfortable is nice and easy and safe. You have nothing to worry about and nobody to fight against. Everybody loves to be comfortable.

Comfortable is what we’re all striving for.

Or is it?

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Honesty Is Nothing To Be Afraid Of

19th June 2014

Man staring out of a panoramic window with 'Honesty is nothing to be afraid of' quote

“Honesty is nothing to be afraid of”.

Why are you so afraid to be honest? Why do you hide behind a facade, terrified to let anyone see the real you?

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