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Going Viral (ish)

3rd October 2014

This inspirational artwork design was originally produced ages and ages ago, back when Hello Inspiration had about two-and-a-half fistfulls of followers on Twitter.

'Good Things DON'T Come To Those That Wait' Artwork

I re-posted it to Twitter and Facebook a couple of weeks ago and had a mini-hit on my hands…

The post had 10 retweets within about 15 minutes – and I thought this must be what it feels like when something is going viral! I know that isn’t a huge amount of viral-ness (virility?), but it gave me a huge rush to see it being shared again and again.

I think that going viral is relative anyway – if someone posts all the time and no-one ever shares their stuff, then one day they get 3 retweets, wouldn’t they consider that to be a huge viral success?

So Why Did This Happen?

I think the design has resonated with people because it goes against an accepted piece of wisdom. We all hear that ‘good things come to those that wait’, and that ‘patience is a virtue’, but what if that just makes us less likely to try and take decisive action ourselves? Personally, I think we’re all better served by taking life into our own hands and going out to make things happen, rather than sitting around waiting. Both the ‘Good Things Don’t Come To those That Wait’ artwork design and an alternative ‘Impatience is a Virtue’ artwork design try to go against this accepted wisdom, and get people actively participating in their lives, rather than passively waiting for it to happen.

Going Viral

Having experienced this mini-viral post, I can now just about imagine what it must be like to have something go properly viral, and that remains my aim with everything I publish from Hello Inspiration. The more people that retweet it, the more people that see it. And the more people that see it, the more people that can be inspired by it!

So thank you Twitter for making me believe that going viral is possible…

'Good Things Don't Come to Those That Wait' framed quote

The ‘Good Things Don’t Come To those That Wait’ artwork design is available to purchase here. The ‘Impatience is a Virtue’ artwork design is available to purchase here.

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