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Kids Name Artwork for Children’s Bedrooms

5th September 2014

I have been working away over the last few days on a set of Hello Inspiration designs that are specifically for kids. Where better to start inspiring people than when they are young, right? I have some draft concepts almost ready which give a simple set of life-lessons that could apply to any child (and in a lot of cases, any adult too!). I will be sharing these designs very soon.

In the meantime, I’ve also produced a simple set of kids name artwork, perfect for displaying in your child’s bedroom. Each piece will be personalised with your child’s name (obviously!) – some examples below. I would love to know what you think about them – please let me know of Twitter, Facebook, or drop me an email. Here they are…

Amelia - Kids Name Artwork in frame

Ruby - Kids Name Artwork in frame

Sophie - Kids Name Artwork in frame

Charlie - Kids Name Artwork in frame

Oliver - Kids Name Artwork in frame

Kids Name Artwork

I love the simplicity of these designs, and I think they will work very well in any child’s bedroom. They will bring a touch of identity and personality into your kid’s space. They will also make the perfect gift for a child of any age, even for a newborn to help them feel at home in their new surroundings!

These are not quite ready for purchase yet, but keep watching this space as they will be ready very soon!

Background images used (in order of appearance): Nicholas Raymond, Evelyn Flint/Texture Time, Penelope Else, Evelyn Flint/Texture Time, evilerin

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