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The Great Experiment Called ‘Life’

16th January 2015

'Life Is An Experiment' Inspirational Artwork

Today, we’re going to play a little game…

I want you to imagine you’re a scientist, and you’ve been tasked with producing the best possible cure for a deadly disease. You have a big budget, a fully-equipped laboratory and a lifetime of research ahead of you.

What do you do?

You would get started with your experiments straight away, right? People are suffering, and it’s up to you to make it better. You try different things, and see what works. You mix Chemical A with Compound B, stir in a few drops of Isotope C, boil it over a bunsen burner, throw the whole lot in a centrifuge and wait to see what happens.

And after all that effort, it doesn’t work.

Disheartened but not deflated, you move on and try something else. The nature of what you’re doing means that you WILL have these failures along the way – potential cures that have strange side-effects, medications that allow the disease to come back… heck – maybe even treatments that make the condition worse.

You learn from those errors, take care not to repeat them, and then move on to try something more promising. You keep doing this until either you find the perfect cure, or you die of old age, having given it your very best shot.

You wouldn’t try one potential cure, find out it didn’t work, and then give up, would you? That would be a waste of precious time and resources. Every day you waste means another day of suffering at the hands of this deadly disease.

But in our daily lives, can find ourselves repeating the same unsuccessful experiments time and time again, without thinking to change what we’re doing. We get trapped into thinking that our current life-situation is the only way our life can possibly be.

We forget that life is an experiment.

We forget that we can try out new things any time we want, and see if they help cure whatever ‘disease’ we are dealing with every day. Unhappiness. Dissatisfaction. Lack of fulfilment. Boredom. That faint but undeniable throb at the front of your skull that says you’re not living the life you dreamed about as a kid.

You name it, and there is an experiment in life that will help cure it. The trick is to keep trying something new until you find your cure. The trick is to experiment.

After all, what do we think will happen when we reach the end of our time in this great laboratory called life? Will we be comforted by the fact that we didn’t fail a particular experiment (because we never tried it), or will we regret that we never tried finding a cure by making mistakes and learning?

We are not the lab rats in this life (despite what it might feel like sometimes), we are the scientists. We have the control and the power to do what we want with our lives. We have the power to tinker with the experiment of life as much as we want, just to ‘see what happens’…

So what is your next experiment going to be?

Keep an eye out for an exciting new ‘experiment’ from Hello Inspiration – coming very soon!

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