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How We Deal With Setbacks

11th November 2014

When faced with a setback, do you:

  • a) Throw in the towel?
  • b) Step back and regroup?
  • c) Redouble your efforts?

The trouble is, any one of these options can be the ‘right’ solution in any given scenario. We’ve all faced situations where we honestly didn’t know what to do for the best. You will only ever know in hindsight (if ever).

The good news is, with any setback, and with any action you choose to take, comes the opportunity for learning.

Scary Inspiration for Hallow’een

31st October 2014

Something that should scare you at Hallow’een. And Christmas. And Easter. And all the times in between…

'There Is Absolutely Nothing Stopping You - Scary Huh?' inspirational artwork

We like to kid ourselves sometimes that we can’t do action X because of reason Y.

Now reason Y may be very convincing, but we need to be careful to make sure that we’re not just a tiny-weeny little bit glad that it exists. Are we hiding behind that reason, because we’re afraid of taking action? Here’s a little secret… the ‘reasons not to’ are all rubbish. And here’s another secret – you ARE capable of doing what you want to do, if only you believed it.

In Preparation for Tonight’s Charity Event…

30th October 2014

…I have been putting my woodworking skills to the test. Here are a few pictures of the greetings card stand I have made, using upcycled timber decking boards.



It actually has three tiers now, so it’s even more spectacular looking (if that’s possible!)

Hopefully ‘shabby-chic’, rather than just plain ‘shabby’…

I Think We All Need a Pep Talk

17th October 2014

A wonderfully heart-warming and inspirational three minute video for your Friday afternoon. Kid President thinks we all need a pep talk… and I think I agree!

Kid President - I Think We All Need A Pep Talk

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True Strength Doesn’t Come From Muscles

17th October 2014

'True Strength Doesn't Come From Muscles' Quote Artwork

Who are the strongest people at the gym?

There are people with amazing bodies at the gym that I can’t help but admire. Some people go to the gym every single day. They work out because they absolutely love it. They love the feeling it gives them, almost as much as the body it gives them. The buzz of adrenaline lifts their entire day. They have the toned physique, the rippled muscles, the raw strength and the cardiovascular superiority. They have the ability (if required) to bench-press me and the whole of my little family all at once.

They. Look. Amazing.

There is certainly a lot to admire in these people. But they’re not the gym-goers that I wanted to write about.

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