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‘Life Lessons’ Inspirational Artwork for Kids

22nd September 2014

With Christmas approaching (eek!), I have been starting to think about gifts that will go above and beyond the usual plastic toys and cutesy clothes that we all normally get for the children in our lives. I have been thinking about how maybe inspiration doesn’t have to be an adults-only thing – why not start to try and inspire children too?


With that in mind, I set my brain working on a new collection of inspirational artwork designed especially for kids. I wanted to produce a some designs which would suit being displayed on a child’s bedroom wall, and would give the kids a set of guiding principles to consider as they grow up – some ‘Life Lessons’.

The result is still a work in progress, but I wanted to share the initial ideas that I am developing. These are simple concepts that are universally understandable, and which – coincidentally – apply just as well to adult life too!

If we can get children to start thinking about life in different ways, they we may just end up with a more inspired, kind and happy generation of children! Fingers crossed.

‘Life Lessons’ Artwork

So here are the three ‘Life Lessons’ artwork designs I have produced so far…

Be Kind

'Be Kind' - 'Life Lessons' Inspirational Kids Artwork

It seems like kindness is a severely underrated commodity these days. Just doing something good for someone without any hope for anything in return is a wonderful thing. And the strange thing is, even though we aren’t expecting it, the kindness normally does come back round to us (and the same goes for being unkind).

Be Honest

'Be Honest' - 'Life Lessons' Inspirational Kids Artwork

It sounds so simple, and in reality, it is. Honesty is the glue which holds relationships together – whether it is a friendship, a marriage, a family, a customer or a nation.

Be Happy

'Be Happy' - 'Life Lessons' Inspirational Kids Artwork

This is the simplest idea in the world, right? Then why do so many of us seemingly forget this basic and fundamental piece of advice for living our lives? Why do we insist on doing things which make us unhappy? Why don’t we measure every decision through a ‘happiness’ lens? It may not be the only factor which drives your life, but it should at least be a consideration.

Each of the three designs is available to purchase as an unframed print, a framed print and a mounted print. They look great on their own, but I think they really work amazingly well when displayed together – choose the life lessons that suit you and your child, and display them all side by side. Commissions welcome, so if you have a different set of words you would like to use, that is no problem.

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Life Lessons – ‘Be Kind’ Image Credit: Evelyn Flint/Texture
Life Lessons – ‘Be Honest’ Image Credit: Saral
Life Lessons – ‘Be Happy’ Image Credit: Meg Stewart

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